Hello 2016! Well, yeah, okay, it's now spring. That hiatus was so welcome that I just kept on hiatusing or being hiated or however you conjugate that... A week away of visiting family and sleeping as much as possible wasn't enough to recuperate from two plus years of going hard, getting up many hours before dawn, and working until the late evening all the while working with a substance which was quietly undermining my health. ("What's up wheat? So long and thanks for all the hives.")

I have been quietly working away in Philomena Labs developing some new recipes and new ideas all of which will be GLUTEN-FREE! Many will also be vegan, some grain-free, some even paleo. With all of them I want to find a balance between the hedonism of a treat with the nutritional and health concerns of those out there who, like me, are limited by food allergies or those who just want to feel good about what they eat.

I'll be posting information here about new products as well as highlighting our business partners who will be carrying these goodies. There are plans (mostly hopes, at this stage) of building a shop for Philomena Bake Shop. We would love to hear any feedback or ideas that any of you want to share. It's a bit of a cliche but it is honestly true that input from people outside the business can really inject a fresh perspective and are absolutely valuable!

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This baker has a confession to make. I have a wheat allergy.

As a professional baker for more than a decade this does not seem like great news. And, believe me, I denied it, then I bargained with it, then as it got worse I tried cope with it by wearing masks and gloves, and now I am going to accept it. Running a small business you learn to love the thrill of change so I'm actually kind of excited for what's coming next. Philomena Bake Shop will take a break in January and when I come back this will be a gluten-free and allergy aware baking company! After being increasingly unable to eat the very things I take such joy in making it will be a such a relief to put products into the oven that I love and have lovingly tested. I will understand and not judge other people who also have allergies and are looking for a safe treat to enjoy. Popular pastries like the Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies and the Apple Nut Bread, which are already free of wheat will be sure to reappear.

Early morning deliveries to our lovely wholesale clients will continue until New Year's so get those scones, banana bread, date bars, and all the rest of it until then!

Thanks go to those very clients and to their customers, most of whom have been with us since the beginning and all have been beyond kind as I present them with their own challenges with this news.

Cleveland is a great place because it is a nice place. I've never lived in a city so full of pride and so very supportive of those of us trying something new. That gives me the confidence to move on to the next and necessary phase. Onward!

Caitlin        November 2015


We make everything from scratch! No mixes, no artificial flavors.

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